Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice

Category: Network and modem
Manufacturer: Acer Corporation
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 384.77K
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: NA / 12/19/1996

Windows device driver information for Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice

Never has been known that Acer also tapped with peripheral computer devices. Acer was known to lead the way of computers and laptops as well as monitors. Acer also offers a wide variety of products including data fax, voice modem known as Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice VF9924H-C1. This device is applicable with all Windows operating systems may it be a Windows 95, windows 98, windows 98se, Windows 2003, Windows Home Server and Windows Me, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The operating system defines the version 4.10.1343 and this is usually in 167 kb size. Installing this modem is very easy like a click of a button. A step by step procedure can be seen and the user will just follow the steps on the screen. Upon downloading the file for Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice, the user may need to unzip the file and to make sure to attach the device into the computer. Once the user had done this, he should right click the icon “My computer” and select “Properties.” After this, the user must look for the ‘Device Manager” on ‘Hardware’ tab and delve for the name Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice, VF9924H-C1 on the “Modem' category. Once the steps are properly followed, the user can hit the “Device” button twice and then press “Reinstall Driver.”

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Among the many standard modems, this device is known as a fax modem. As the term implies, it allows the computer to send and receive documents as faxes. These devices are designed to send and receive documents to and from a fax machine or another fax modem. This may or may not be possible to other devices or computer model types. As with any other modem, it processes mainly in two major categories namely modulator and demodulator. The term “modem” had been widely used as a term that means modulator and demodulator. This is a device that first modulates an analog carrier signal to program digital information. It also demodulates a carrier signal to decode the transmitted information. This is done in order to produce a signal that is easily sent and decoded to replicate the original data. It mostly uses analog signals from driven diodes to radio. Reports also say that a number of microwave modems can only send more than a hundred million bits per second. Radio networks, on the other hand, use only narrow band radio modem. This is mostly used for low data rate that can reach up to 19.2k. A new different type of modem, known as the optical modem, sends out data over optical fibers. This can be seen through most intercontinental data links. Most of their constructions use optical modems transmitting over undersea optical fibers. Data rates for optical modems are counted in excess of a billion (1x109) bits per second. The common usage of this device is through connecting your personal computer or laptop in the Internet. The amount of data in the modem is measured through bits per second or bps. You may see this when you have successfully connected your computer or laptop in the Internet. Another way of measuring is through Baud, this on the other hand counts the number of times the modem changes its signal state per second. A lot of high speed and advanced modems are being invented nowadays. These are known as cable modems, DSL and or ADSL modems. In big industries notably in telecommunications, they use a wide band radio modems. These wide band modems sends repeating frames of data at very high data rates over microwave radio links. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice errors before installing any driver updates.