Acer ALN101 Ethernet Adapter

Category: Network and modem
Manufacturer: Acer Corporation
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: NA
Operating System: Windows 98/2000/XP/2003/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: 5.0.2157.1 / NA

Windows device driver information for Acer ALN101 Ethernet Adapter

Acer has been the pioneer for microprocessor technology. They also became one of the major distributors of electronic parts in Taipei, Taiwan. Stan Shih envisioned that there should be no barrier between people and technology. During his first managerial year, Shih offered his employees stocks. Acer had a big push when they started to bring cheap and affordable technology to its customers which was the reason why they expanded their market worldwide. One of Acer’s big partner nowadays, the Texas Instruments, ventured in creating desktop computers and laptops. One of its peripheral devices, the Acer ALN101 Ethernet Adapter is unlike any other. This is another computer hardware invented to enable computers and to communicate over a computer network. As such, network connection can either be using cables or wirelessly. The device is considered to be an OSI layer one or a physical layer as well as layer 2 or data link layer device. Its core function is providing physical access to a networking medium as well as a low level addressing system through the use of MAC addresses. Another important factor to think of is the Ethernet. As this makes all network communications possible. The Ethernet had been used since the mid-1990s. In addition, the Ethernet network card contains an exclusive forty-eight bit serial number known as a MAC address.

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Principally, this is saved within the ROM that is carried on the card. Unique MAC addresses are very important as it is a requirement for every computer that operates on an Ethernet network. Addresses are bought separately to the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. They are also the one in charge of assigning address to each card at the time of production. Moreover, network cards are also expansion cards that are attached into a computer bus. On the other hand, Ethernet standard configurations provide inexpensive costings. This has become the standard device among most new computers that have built-in network interface in their motherboards. These motherboards have any of the two main functionalities such as built-in Ethernet capabilities the motherboard chipset or solely Ethernet chip linked through the PCI bus. Multiple interfaces only require additional and separate network cards. The card applies the electronic circuitry which is needed to communicate to other networks. Network protocol stack comes after a circuitry is identified which in turn allows communication among small groups of computers on the same LAN or huge network communications through routable protocols. An example of this is the USB which is mostly used for transmitting any data and for connecting a device to a computer. A lot of the manufacturers take advantage of this technology and most of which vary from voice telephony, audio playback, and recording which can take advantage of the USB device. This in turn makes the USB gain control and has the ability to spread digital audio. The Universal Serial Bus is a mechanism that generates communication between devices and a specific host controller. Host controllers usually refer to personal computer or laptop. This has dramatically changed and replaced the usual intended device to replace many types of serial and parallel ports. The USB also functions as a connection to other computer devices. Most portable media devices follow to synchronizing data which is done so by USB. These peripherals are known as mice, keyboards, digital cameras, printers, personal media players, flash drives, and external hard drives. Nowadays, the USB has become a commonly used device for connecting devices. May it be for linking or connecting or charging a specific mobile phone or as pocket personal computers. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Acer ALN101 Ethernet Adapter errors before installing any driver updates.