AcerView 76i

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: Acer
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: N/A
Operating System: Windows 95, 98
Latest Version: N/A

Windows device driver information for AcerView 76i

The AcerView 76i is a video card driver, which is also known as a graphic accelerator It is an expansion card that generates and displays images into a monitor. Many video cards present additional functions, like accelerated rendering of 3D scenes, video capturing, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding and TV output. It can be connected to many monitors. This video hardware can be incorporated into the motherboard, as it has always been with early computers - this construction is often referred to as a video controller or a graphics controller. The AcerView 76i monitor uses a Video Graphics Array (VGA) (DE-15) output, an analogue-based standard adopted within the late 1980s which is specifically designed for CRT displays or VGA connectors. Some of the problems presented by this standard include electrical noise, image distortion and sampling error evaluating pixels.

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The Graphics Processing Unit is one of the many components of a video card. The GPU is a dedicated processor spawned for speeding up graphics. This processor is specifically intended to carry out floating-point computations that are essential to 3D graphics rendering. A video card also has a Video BIOS or a firmware that contains basic programs which runs the video card's processes and gives the instructions that let the computer and software to interrelate with the card. It restrains information on the memory timing, operating speeds and voltages of the graphics processor and RAM and other information. It is also possible to adjust the BIOS to permit factory-locked setting for higher performance. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AcerView 76i errors before installing any driver updates.