Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller

Category: System and Controller
Manufacturer: Adaptec, Inc.
Caution Level: Safe
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Operating System: Fedora Core, Microsoft Windows, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux, Unix, Vmware, Novell NetWare, UnitedLinux
Latest Version / Release Date: 5.2.0 b15317 / 10/21/2007

Windows device driver information for Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller

Aimed at servicing the storage connectivity requirements of computing networks the Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller and its corresponding device driver delivers superb data protection for Serial ATA based storage components. Catering to the Serial ATA II which is a successor of the SATA technology for storage devices the device driver implements a point-to-point connection which allows for the implementation of full throughput to all of the connected storage devices. This is made possible by using one controller to exert control over multiple ports where the devices are connected. By using the correct device driver the Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller can provide data transfer rates that can reach up to 3 gigabytes per second for the newer Serial ATA II and a maximum of 1.5 gigabytes per second for its predecessor. This means that the device driver allows the supported hardware component to implement backward compatibility by providing support for older Serial ATA technology.

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This hardware component features eight connector ports which can directly host SATA based storage devices. The Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller makes use of a RAID on Chip ASIC technology that is supported by the Adaptec RAID Code. These are considered as proprietary technologies which are designed to support the various RAID level configurations. The device driver of this particular hardware component is deployed with bundled tools and utilities. These support software applications implement various data protection and storage array management features that attempt to simplify the deployment of the SATA RAID technology. The implementation of the Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller and its associated device driver is appropriate for supporting not only computer network servers but workstations as well. This is because of the boost in the overall performance that is delivered especially for workgroup based software applications. This means that there is less incidents of data bottlenecks for programs that require sustained read and write procedures. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Adaptec SATA RAID AAR-2820SA Controller errors before installing any driver updates.