Agere Systems AC 97 Model

Category: networks and modems
Manufacturer: Agere systems
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 815k
Operating System: windows xp home
Latest Version / Release Date: 5.1.2600.2180 / 03 Jun 2005

Windows device driver information for Agere Systems AC 97 Model

The Agere system AC modem (audio Codec, also MC short for modem codec) is used mainly in motherboards, sound cards and modems. AC refers to signals being encoded or decoded to and from analog audio to/from digital audio. It is a combined audio, AD/DA converter. However, it should not be confused with a codec as a converter for different binary formats such as MP3 or Xvid codec normally in a video player. The audio components that are integrated into chipsets consist of mainly two components namely: AC digital controller (DC97) is built into the I/O controller hub (ICH) of the chipset. The second component is AC modem and audio codec; it is the analog component architecture. It defines high quality, 16-20 bit audio architecture. It has sound surround supporting the PC, which is used in todays desktop platforms. Agere system AC modem can support 96,000 samples/second in a 20 bit stereo used for multichannel recording and playback.

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Agere system AC modem is shipped for Microsoft operating systems (windows vista and XP) with settings for audio program. There are various versions of this program, those used for configuring audio settings together with input and output connector, sound effects, 3D sound configuration, an equalizer mixer board and microphone echo cancellation. Many people are not aware of this program when informed about it realize that an unwanted sound effect involuntarily active. Most of the Agere system AC modem has three RCU connectors, which are in green, pink and blue. The pink connector is for microphone, the green one for line-out for amplified speakers or for a line-in wire and the blue for slightly amplified headphones. AC audio setting work better when configuration is set as a multi-speaker unit accommodating 3 speakers or more. Most of the Agere systems codec chips have an analog audio interface on one side and an AC97 interface on the other. These are A/D, D/A or just D/A. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Agere Systems AC 97 Model errors before installing any driver updates.