Category: Sound & Multimedia
Manufacturer: ATI technologies
Caution Level: Intermediate
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Windows device driver information for ALL-IN-WONDER X800 GT

All-in-wonder X800 GT is a Tv Tuner device produced by ATI technologies. The design of this product is based on that of Radeon X800 GT which is also produced by ATI technologies. Some of its features include a frame buffer of 128 MB, that is, the bandwidth has a limitation of a 128- bit memory interface. It comes in a PCB design which is quite similar to the All-in-wonder X800XL. It also comes with an R430 GPU which is the same as the one located in the All-in-wonder X800 XL but which has been restricted in a few areas. It has eight pixels and a core clock of 400 MHz. The memory clock is 490 MHz. The Random Access Memory (RAM) is 128 MB. When it comes to performance the All-in-wonder X800 GT is a high performance product and a strong competitor among mid-range graphics card.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

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Other features of the All-in-wonder X800 GT include a resolution of 1280 x 1024. Some of the features available from the All-in-wonder range include twin analog as well as digital TV software. It also comes with a range of complementary software which enables the user to be able to control his or her TV watching and recording, including timeshifting. As such, the user can answer the phone after which he or she will pick up from where he left off. The All-in-wonder 3D card is 3D and will prove quite useful for those who wish to watch as well as record television from their Personal computer. It is quite affordable and provides an interesting new dimension to multimedia work. For this product to function efficiently, it is advisable for the user to ensure that he or she is always using the latest version of the device driver. Old versions have been known to create conflict in the work of the device. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ALL-IN-WONDER X800 GT errors before installing any driver updates.