Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO

Category: Other
Manufacturer: Alps Electric Co., Ltd.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 555.7 KB
Operating System: Windows 2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 12/27/1999

Windows device driver information for Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO

The Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO device operates by emulating a typical mouse device. With the support of its device driver however, more advanced feature sets of the device becomes available for the user. This device is alternately called touchpad, stickpointer, glidepad or trackpad. It is a pointing device that consists of a specialized surface capable of translating the position and motion of a finger to a position on the screen. The Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO utilizes the capacitive sensing technology for sensing a user’s finger on the trackpad. The capacitive sensing technology involves sensing the finger’s capacitance or the sensor’s capacitance. Since this device is developed to sense only fingers or items closely matching fingers, it is not capable of sensing other entities such as a pen’s tip or an item with the similar implement. This trackpad is widely used in older Sony VAIO, Dell and Toshiba laptops, but this specific driver is only compatible with Sony VAIO laptops.

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This trackpad’s features include adjustable non-linear speed and acceleration movement settings, button events via short touching the trackpad, double events via double short touching the trackpad and dragging via short touching and then holding down a finger on the trackpad. The Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO also has right and middle button events located on the lower and upper corner of the trackpad. It also allows the use of vertical scrolling (button 5 and 4 events) via doing a scrolling movement with a finger on the right portion of the trackpad and sending 5 or 4 events via the up or down button. The Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO also allows horizontal scrolling via moving a finger on the trackpad’s lower portion. This trackpad also implements a feature for adjusting finger detection. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Alps Film Pointing-device for VAIO errors before installing any driver updates.