AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V

Category: Network and modem
Manufacturer: Ambicom Technology, Inc.
Caution Level: Medium
Download File Size: 3.6 MB
Operating System: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows 98SE
Latest Version / Release Date: 5V / 12 Feb 2005

Windows device driver information for AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V

The AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V efficiently connects a user’s existing wireless or wired network without using wires or cables. This compact flash card draws its feature sets from its supported driver. Whenever a program or the operating system where the device is installed needs its functionalities, the program (or operating system) will invoke in the driver a routine that will then be sent to the compact flash card for processing. The driver then also invokes to the program a routine which will be processed by the program. The AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V has a lightweight and slim type I compact flash design and features full privacy, secure and speedy transfer of data and exceptional data and range rates. This compact flash card is likewise up to par with the Wi-Fi certification standards for comprehensive interoperability with other 802.11b networking brands such as Cisco, Intel, 3Com, D-Link, Proxim, Lucent and many others.

Outdated Drivers?

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This device uses up to a maximum of 128 bit wired equivalent privacy or WEP encryption, Manual/ pass phrase coding operation, Open Key and Shared Key authentication and Key management. It is likewise fully compatible with high performance user security programs and very flexible since it can be utilized in different settings such as Ad-hoc (P2P), roaming mode for mobility and Infrastructure. The rate of data transfer employed by the AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V is 11 Mbps with automatic fallback rates of 1 Mbps, 2 Mbps and 5.5 Mbps that supports a wide range of distances up to a maximum of 1,642 feet in an open space setting. This card comes shipped with an easy to operate setup software and security and utility management tools that are configurable. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AmbiCom WL1100B-CF Wireless LAN CF-Card 5V errors before installing any driver updates.