AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8

Category: System and Controller
Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 0.56 MB
Operating System: Win 2K, Win XP, Win Server 2K3
Latest Version / Release Date: / (2005.01.18)

Windows device driver information for AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8

AMD 756 peripheral bus controller has an operating voltage of between 3.0V and 3.6 V and a case temperature of 70o. It has the following functional units; integrated ISA bus controller and a master PCI IDE that is enhanced and that has ultra DMA-33/66 support. It also has a USB/mouse controller and real time clock. AMD-756 controller is inclusive of a PC97-compliant PCI to ISA bridge that has features such as; PCI 2.2 compliant interface, eight level double-word buffer that is between ISA and PCI buses. It has a dual cascaded AT-8237 that is compatible with DMA controllers, type F DMA transfer support and support for ISA legacy distributed DMA across the PCI bus. In addition, it has AT-8254 compatible programmable interval timer, programmable ISA bus clock, fast reset and gate A20 operation and level sensitive or edge triggered interrupts.

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It also has flash, 2-Mbyte EPROM, BIOS support, real time (integrated) clock w/extended 256-byte CMOS RAM as well as integrated keyboard controller that has PS/2 support. It has support for plug and play that has the following features; Serial IRQ complaint, compliant with Microsoft Windows 98 and plug n play BIOS and also PCI interrupts steerable to the three interrupt channels. Users Adaptec AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8 are advised to always use the latest version the devise driver as this will assist them to utilize its functions better and easier. Versions that are old are known to cause conflicts. One should therefore always attempt to update the AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8 drivers at least once per every month or even more often. One should also select the right driver and AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8 and also make windows back up every time one wants to update the driver. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AMD-756 PCI Bus Master IDE Controller V8.2.8 errors before installing any driver updates.