Category: Monitor and video card
Manufacturer: AOC
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1.35Kb 
Operating System: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: N.A. / N.A.

Windows device driver information for AOC LM800A

There are a lot of monitors from AOC which has been discontinued due to several inefficiencies. The LM722 is one good example of the LCD or liquid crystal display monitor. LCD pertains to “Liquid Crystal Display” - a thin, flat and lightweight type of monitor. It is a product of modern and upgraded technology, wherein, the quality is similar or often times even better than that of CRTs, making it more expensive than these CRT monitors. The picture quality of these monitors is from active matrix or thin film transistors which are responsible for producing clear, crisp and sharp color images. Typically, LCD monitors revolve through dimensions of fifteen inches and twenty one inches or larger. The size of these monitors doesn’t matter since they can’t affect its viewing quality unlike most CRT monitors. This means, a fifteen-inch LCD also works like that of a 15-inch viewing screen. For the color quantities, they’re never in any way constrained. Most of this is due to the capabilities of its attached adapter. With its classification, these monitors offer a lot of functionality. They also guide users in manipulating, editing, creating or recording various data and programs. They’re not like televisions that have channels or a tuner for changing channels. Thus, computer monitors feature better quality resolutions than televisions.

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It is a known fact that certain types of monitors can function as a television. There are also televisions that can operate with computers. These monitors are classified into two – the CRT monitor and the LCD monitor. Another term for CRT monitors are Cathode Ray Tube monitors - the first of this technology. Features of these monitors include their big and heavy frame that looks a lot like a television. It has the ability to work on a higher frequency. It can also generate pictures out of many rows or lines of tiny colored dots. AOC is also one of the big names for this industry. Ross Siragusa founded the Company in Chicago, Illinois. The meaning of AOC is “Admiral Overseas Corporation” – a company established in Taiwan in the year 1967. Since then, they became known as the pioneers of Cathode Ray Tube monitors, LCD TV’s and LCD monitors. In its years of service, 2008 is considered as AOC’s biggest year. This is with its eight million sales that was able to reach a twenty percent increase over the past three years. After this, AOC became noted as one of biggest sales performers among businesses in the Asia Pacific and South America. It is popular for being the first to produce and sell the state-of-the-art value display technology - bringing green, entertainment and human-like life experiences. In fact, the LCD monitor is one of the many main innovations. However, there have been reports that there were products discontinued in the market. This makes the user the one in charge of how they will use or treat their devices. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AOC LM800A errors before installing any driver updates.