AppleVision 850/850AV

Category: Monitor and video card
Manufacturer: Apple
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 482 kb
Operating System: Windows 95
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.6.1 / 17 Jul 1997

Windows device driver information for AppleVision 850/850AV

The AppleVision 850/850AV monitor display delivers exquisite 850 color displays for publishers, multimedia authors, photographers, and other professionals who rely on color accuracy and graphics consistency. This device is also recommended for users of spreadsheet and page layout applications who require a huge display and high resolution. The monitor device AppleVision 850/850AV works around picture tube dimensions such as 20 inch diagonal Trinitron CRT, with 19 inch diagonal viewable image size, and a 0.26-mm aperture grille pitch. Its resolution is around 640 x 480 pixels, 800 x 600 pixels, 832 x 624 pixels, 1,024 x 768 pixels, 1,152 x 870 pixels, 1,280 x 1,024 pixels and 1,600 x 1,200 pixels for Macintosh users. For PCs, its resolutions include 640 x 480 pixels, 800 x 600 pixels, 1,024 x 768 pixels, 1,152 x 870 pixels, 1,280 x 1,024 pixels and 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. Scanning rates of this device reaches up to 30 kHz to 94 kHz horizontally and 48 Hz to 120 Hz vertically.

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Apple monitors such as the AppleVision 850/850AV monitor display also implements internal calibration to original factory measurements, flexible adjustment for ambient lighting, and CRT phosphor aging. The device is also built with integrated high-quality stereo speakers, 15-pin DSub connector for Macintosh systems and/or 15-pin DSub VGA mini-adapter for PCs, directional microphone, as well as a stereo headphone connector. The audio of this monitor is never left out and can be operated thru five volts RMS for every channel, has a frequency response of 80 Hz to 17 kHz, a speaker output of > 90 (dB) SPL at 1 KHz at 0.5 meters, and a whopping 600 ohm >0.5 volts RMS for the headphones. It also has controls for Power on/off, Brightness, Contrast, horizontal size and centering, vertical size and centering, convergence, rotation, pincushion, keystone, parallelogram and gamma curve. Other controls include variable white-point selection (either 4,100 degrees K to 9,300 degrees K), bass control, treble control, volume control, microphone mute and speaker mute. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AppleVision 850/850AV errors before installing any driver updates.