Category: USB
Manufacturer: Arescom
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 48.14 MB
Operating System: Windows 2003/ Windows XP/ Windows NT/ Windows 2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 03 Jul 2003

Windows device driver information for ARESCOM USB Adapter

The ARESCOM USB Adapter is an effective controller that possesses many distinctive attributes such a reliable memory capacity of 32 mega bytes of SDRAM and as well as a AGP x2/x4 interface capability. The device’s memory is positioned within four chips on the right-hand side of the printed circuit board (PCB). The memory chips integrated in the ARESCOM USB Adapterhave an exceptional access period of between 5.6 and 5.5 ns, which corresponds to a dispensation rate of about 164 MHz. This frequency is the most suitable level for the functioning of computer memory chips as well as other devices whose capacity lies within the NVIDIA recommended range of between 164 MHz to 175 MHz. The ARESCOM USB Adapter has a GPU unit that is similar to that used in the 3 dfx Voodoo 3 3000 device and a wide range of many other PCI packages.

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The ARESCOM USB Adapter device is designed to possess an inventive design despite the fact that the NVIDIA guidelines on device specifications and standards does not mention specifications for structure, especially for PCI-models that are use d with GeForce2 MX cards and related devices. The ARESCOM USB Adapter is used with another card whose fundamental structure includes a primary Twinview setup. This structure is valuable in view of the device being able to support two computer monitors as well as a TV-out signal. For this reason, users can prefer to use two monitors and a TV output display at the same time. This implies that if a computer user has access to a main board that does not have an AGP, the memory card that is integrated in the ARESCOM USB Adapter can be utilized in providing support functions that include three-dimensional acceleration and dual display. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ARESCOM USB Adapter errors before installing any driver updates.