ASUS A9550 Series

Category: Others
Manufacturer: ASUS
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 566KB
Operating System: Windows NT/XP/2000/Linux
Latest Version / Release Date: / 25 Oct 2009

Windows device driver information for ASUS A9550 Series

The ASUS A9550 Series is a laptop that has been created by the Asus Company. It is compact with a load of features which makes it stand amongst other laptops. It comes in a variety of colors which are very appealing to the eye. It has a screen that is 12 inches wide thus allowing for a super viewing and operation of data, watching of movies and music as well as playing games. The ASUS A9550 Series however does not come with a DVD burner and this makes it a bit light weight in comparison to others. It is highly compatible with other devices which are Bluetooth enabled since it is. This makes the transfer of data fast and easy. It has LED indicators which light up to show when it is active, on standby and when the battery is low.

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The ASUS A9550 Series has a large memory that allows for the storage of data. Its Random Access Memory is 512 MB. The type of data it stores ranges from word documents to graphics. The ASUS A9550 Series is thin and uses six batteries for its functionality. It has illuminated touch pads and keyboard which make it convenient to use even in dim lighting. It uses a detachable mouse which makes sit very convenient when it comes to carrying it. It has a long battery life occasioned by its ability to save energy through the Energy Star certification. Through the ASUS A9550 Series, users will be able to access the internet through a simple Express Gate connection. They will be able to exchange mails and photos over the internet as well as transfer data. The ASUS A9550 Series comes with a two year warranty which includes repairs and labor. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ASUS A9550 Series errors before installing any driver updates.