Category: Monitor and video card
Manufacturer: Asus
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 12.7 MB
Operating System: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows XP X64 / Windows Vista64
Latest Version / Release Date: N.A. / N.A.

Windows device driver information for ASUS PHC3-100

ASUS PHC3-100 is an advanced tuner card that enables the user to view both analog and digital TV over the air or on a plain set of digital television via a standard coaxial cable at the same time. Users can also capture or record two different channels while watching. This is possible through the hardware MPEG2 encoder which can also reduce noise. Once successfully installed, the device automatically executes Vista sidebar TV on the computer startup while coupled with the Asus GadgeTV technology. These technologies also have the ability to edit and burn videos into DVD or VCD; to sort videos as well as photographs and to listen to FM radios and music. The device box also contains the remote control kit and a private security suite for your personal computer. This is also called the 'ASUS VideoSecurity Online Technology'. Being in the class of capture, ASUS PHC3-100 card is also regarded as a “TV tuner card”. It is a type of hardware or computer component that permits television signals to enter and be received by the computer. They are mostly correlated to video cards since most TV tuner cards operate similar to video capture cards. With this, TV tuners allow TV signals to record television programs into hard discs. There are a lot of TV tuners which are further categorized as interfaces, PCI bus expansion cards, PCI Express bus, PCMCIA, ExpressCard or USB devices which are also in the market and are actually becoming very popular. There also other multi function video cards that contain double functionalities such as TV tuners. Most of these cards are known as hyped devices from ATI or those that fall under the “All-In-Wonder” series.

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Most cards with TV tuner specifications are comprised of a tuner and an analog digital converter or known as the analog front end. It is paired further with demodulation and interface logic. Other additional features include an onboard processor. This processor gets its power over to the system's central processing unit for demodulation as similar to the Winmodem. Video cards, on the other hand, are called different names such as a video adapter, graphics accelerator card, display adapter and a graphics card. A video capture card functions mostly as video capture device. It is innovated to directly link itself to expansion slots in personal computers and servers. Its models vary depending on the company which produced it like PCI, newer PCI Express (PCIe) or AGPbus interfaces. Another term that maybe connected with TV tuner cards is a graphics card. It also acts like an expansion card. Its purpose is to create and output images onto a display. This hardware was previously bundled with the motherboard and it was configured as a video controller or graphics controller. Other notable functions include accelerated rendering of 3D scenes and 2D graphics as well as video capture, TV tuner adapter, MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoding. This also goes with firewire, light pen, TV output, or the ability to connect multiple monitors. This while other modern high performance cards are used for more graphically demanding purposes such as personal games. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ASUS PHC3-100 errors before installing any driver updates.