ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller

Category: System controller
Manufacturer: AMD
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 2,929 KB
Operating System: All Windows versions
Latest Version / Release Date: / September 06 2002

Windows device driver information for ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller

The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller is a two channel and cost effective IDE controller device that was create for use with the ATA 100 type of hard disk drives. The device is integrated with an ATA channel that has a dual parallel function design for an enhanced performance in data retrieval as well as storage. The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller device facilitates high speeds of data transfer reaching as high as 100 megabytes in each second. In addition, the device enables good access to its two parallel ATA channels that are independent. The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller makes use of the two ATA channels in line with its ability to hold as many as four independent hard disk storage drives. The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller also supports hard disks of very high storage capacity by cracking the existing interface limitation standards incorporated in most hard disks, thus allowing it to hold as high as 137 GB memory.

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The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller provides multiple support attributes and is highly attuned with all editions of the Windows operating systems. In addition, the device is compatible with the Caldera, Turbo, SuSE and Red Hat editions of Linux. The adaptability of the ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller makes it one of the most efficient sound and control chips that provide the highest level of sound clarity and as well as other features of similar devices in the computer accessory market. The device’s display properties include an effective resolution that has a high sampling frequency in the range between 96 kHz and double the value (192 kHz). The ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller also has a distinctive audio solution enabled by an 8-channel surround capacity in all attuned computers. The device is thus appropriate for application in hi-fi audio, multimedia, gaming, and general entertainment. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ATI 4379 Serial ATA Controller errors before installing any driver updates.