ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit

Category: Others
Manufacturer: ATI Inc
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 45 MB
Operating System: windows Vista 64 bit
Latest Version / Release Date: 9.2 / 20th February, 2009

Windows device driver information for ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit

ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit has many features. The driver has an ATI stream application; ATI Avivo video converter, which help accelerate conversion of HD and standard video into various formats that can be used on different electronic devices. The driver also includes an ATI Stream Computing support. This enables its users to accelerate applications thus improving technology for ATI graphics processors allow over the world. The stream computing further helps harness the processing power of the graphics processing unit in order to ensure an intensive computation of data over a range of business, scientific and consumer applications. The other feature of the driver is a catalyst control centre that helps in noise reduction for purposes of a progressive video content. The control centre also helps preserve the details of the original video and one can refer or used the information at a later date.

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The catalyst control feature in the driver helps indicate connected monitor maximum refresh rates and also display warning messages if the control centre is not supported by the driver version. The ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit has resolved video display in both white and black colors whilst playing back high bit rate files. This also helps prevents interruption of the video whenever the user is playing back blu-ray substance with accelerated video. Catalyst also enables a perfect video viewing since no video tearing is noticed while playing back DVD titles using WinDVD in every hardware. The catalyst supports ATI stream, a GPGPU implementation. It also features the option of activating triple buffering under OpenGL in the CCC. The catalyst also works faster when fitted on a Radeon HD 4879 with 512 MiByte, which gives the ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit a higher speed. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ATI Catalyst 8.12 Display Driver Vista 64bit errors before installing any driver updates.