Category: Monitor and video card
Manufacturer: ATI
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 101.2 MB
Operating System: Windows XP - Professional/Home 
Latest Version / Release Date: N/A / 08 Apr 2009

Windows device driver information for ATI FireGL Z1

The ATI FireGLZ1-128 is a robust graphics board from ATI. This mid-range workstation graphics board features the Visual Processing Unit (VPU) FGL 9500. This graphics board makes use of four geometry engines and four parallel rendering pipelines making it ideal for controlling complex 3D models. Like some of ATI’s outstanding products, this device gives quick geometry processing, realistic rendering, and optimized application performance for developers, CAD engineers and digital content creators. This device is likewise suitable for applications such as OpenGL, CAD, AEC and DCC applications and works quite well with Windows or Linux operating systems. It likewise has support for SolidWorks, Alias Studio Tools, OpenGL and DirectX 9.0 applications, with full assistance under Windows and Linux environments. This graphics board’s graphics features include hardware acceleration of 3D triangles and lines, 2 sided lighting, a maximum of 8 light sources, local and directional lighting, and occlusion culling among others.

Outdated Drivers?

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All of the cutting edge features of the ATI FireGLZ1-128 graphics board are available across the entire ATI FireGL product line – from mobile workstations to the high end systems. This device functions in conjunction with a single graphics driver which efficiently simplifies system administration in the production environment. The ATI FireGLZ1-128 and its driver are provided by ATI. ATI produces computer products for a wide range of clients worldwide. ATI, with its experience and expertise continuously develops advanced multiple technologies and supports six independent display outputs at the same time. The company’s products provide high quality graphic display capabilities and panoramic computing experience. The company also develops servers and CPUs that have processors capable of giving balanced performance hardware assisted virtualization, I/O capabilities, and low energy consumption. The company does this by using the advance technology of the AMD Opteron chip, which helps organize and optimize data transfer and overall performance. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ATI FireGL Z1 errors before installing any driver updates.