Category: Monitor and video card
Manufacturer: ATI
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 9.83MB
Operating System: Windows XP - Professional/Home
Latest Version / Release Date: 6.13.3279 / 22 Oct 2001

Windows device driver information for ATI RAGE MOBILITY AGP

The ATI RAGE MOBILITY AGP is a series of graphics chipsets that are capable of increasing the rate of GUI (graphical user interface) 2D, video and 3D. The first manufactured ATI Rage chipset was modeled on a Mach64 2D core added with the new 3D functionality and MPEG-1 acceleration. The older and popular chipset was the Mach64 GT. The second ATI Rage chipset was named the Mach64 GT-B. The chipset scored low on performance and only provided users 2X greater 3D performance. This standardized the old Mach64 GUI engine which gave optimal 2D performance with either a single cycle EDO memory or high speed SGRAM. Currently, the new chipset from ATI is named the 3D Xpression video board. This is the 3D Rage II chip. ATI further improved this graphics chipset and made it workable on versions of the 3D Rage accelerator. It is a PCI-bus matched chip which advanced 2D performance by increasing twenty percent acceleration. It also comes with MPEG-2 support and DVD playback.

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The latest version of the ATI Rage MOBILITY AGP graphics chipset also supports “Microsoft Direct3D”, “Reality Lab”, ”QuickDraw”,” 3D Rave”, “Criterion RenderWare”, and “Argonaut BRender.” ATI also made certain that this chip can also be operated with “OpenGL” drivers so that experts on 3D, CAD and Heidi drivers can also be flexed for AutoCAD users. This chipset also has support for operating systems such as Windows 95, Windows NT, Mac OS, OS and 2, and Linux. This graphics chipset can be integrated into numerous Macintosh Computers such as Macintosh G3, Power Mac 6500 and the original iMac G3. On the other hand, IBM compatible personal computers, other motherboards, and video cards are also supported by this chipset. Other features of the device include 3D Xpression+, the 3D Pro Turbo and the original All-in-Wonder. This device is bundled with a TV encoder companion chip for RAGE II known as the ImpacTV chip. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ATI RAGE MOBILITY AGP errors before installing any driver updates.