Category: USB
Manufacturer: ATI
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: N.A.
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: N.A. / N.A.

Windows device driver information for ATI TV WONDER USB2.0 AV CrossBar

ATI TV WONDER USB2.0 is another device which doesn't usually belong to the product range of ATI’s graphic cards. In a nutshell, TV Wonder includes these features such as the ability to schedule and record television programs, to record videos in MPEG _ and four format as well as to record still images and to create zoom-in, pan or freeze live TV action with TV-on-demand™. ATI is a known leader in producing computer products worldwide. With its extensive expertise, ATI continuously gears to develo advanced multiple technologies while supporting six independent display outputs simultaneously. This brings outstanding graphic display capabilities as well as panoramic computing experiences. ATI also brings servers or CPU’s equipped with processors balance of performance, I/O capabilities, low energy consumption as well as hardware-assisted virtualization. These are made possible through a chip known as “AMD Opteron”. This helps processors in organizing as well as in optimizing data transfer for its overall performance. Like the many ATI products, this also includes ATI's award winning Multimedia Center™ software which can be completely operated with a TV player, video CD player, audio CD player, and a Digital VCR. The device can also be a presentation tool. Basically, this can be use to for video capture and recording capabilities. Image or video capture can even come from your regular Telis. You can be fully creative and use these images for your presentations, projects, emails or websites. TV wonder also has the capability to record program transcripts.

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Another embedded feature for this function is HOT WORDS. Hot words is a real-time word notification feature for monitoring closed caption text broadcasts. This helps the user know what phrases or words are recently inputted. Since this is a “remote” device, this boasts of its thirty feet wireless operation. Installation and usage is also not a problem. The device has a Plug and Play feature. All that is needed is just the software for the device. Then, you can plug the TV WONDER USB 2.0 in your USB port and attach your TV cable as well in TV WONDER USB 2.0 tuner. Moving forward, the USB is mostly used for transmitting any data as well as for connecting a device to a computer. A lot of the manufacturers take advantage of this technology since it varies from voice telephony to audio playback and in recording via the USB. This, in turn, makes the USB in control. It also has the ability to spread digital audio. The Universal Serial Bus is a mechanism that generates communication between devices and a specific host controller. Host controllers usually refer to personal computers and laptops. This has dramatically changed and replaced the usual purpose of replacing many types of serial and parallel ports. The USB functions as a connection to other computer devices. These peripherals are known as mice, keyboards, digital cameras, printers, personal media players, flash drives and external hard drives. Nowadays the USB has become a commonly used form of connecting device. It is used for linking or connecting or charging a specific mobile phone or as pocket personal computers. Most portable media devices follow synchronizing data done via USB. Power efficiency is also a main concern of ATI. They paved the way in innovating the “AMD Cool'n'Quiet” as well as tge “ATI PowerPlay” technology. This produces proven, measurable benefits for businesses and consumers while reducing power usage and lowering energy costs. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ATI TV WONDER USB2.0 AV CrossBar errors before installing any driver updates.