Audio Device (ADS7181)

Category: Sound and multimedia
Manufacturer: Analogue devices
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 1.14MB
Operating System: Windows 95A/95B/98/98SE/ME
Latest Version / Release Date: Not rated / 1995

Windows device driver information for Audio Device (ADS7181)

The Audio Device (ADS7181) is a sound and multimedia device. It enhances their performances through the production of quality sound that is full of clarity. These devices include those that produce sound that could either be in a voice or audio form. The audio data transferred through the Audio Device (ADS7181) is either digital or analogue. The technical bits of this device will include tone and volume controls which will be used in achieving a controlled and balanced sound. Through the Audio Device (ADS7181), users will be able to listen to various sounds that may include voice recordings, music and other audios which are in any format. The Audio Device (ADS7181) will be used with personal computers and television sets as well as radios. The Audio Device (ADS7181) will be fit in gadgets such as speakers, headsets, microphones and music players.

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The Audio Device (ADS7181) comes in the form of a sound card. It is portable and this allows for its use anywhere be it at home or in the office. It uses a WiFi and USB interface which are common with personal computers. The USB feature in the Audio Device (ADS7181) allows for ease of connection to various devices that are USB enabled. The Audio Device (ADS7181) comes with an integrated memory that allows for storage of voice data before it is played. It is also highly flexible and this allows for upgrades and customization to fit the users needs. The Audio Device (ADS7181) comes with various accessories that include a USB cable, a plug adapter, an audio cable that allows for inputs and headphones. The sound that is produced by this device is only comparable to that of a Dolby surround sound. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Audio Device (ADS7181) errors before installing any driver updates.