Audiotrak Maya 5.1 (commercial V2.6.1)

Category: USB
Manufacturer: Audiotrak International
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 8.308Kb
Operating System: Windows 98/NT4/ME/2000/XP/2003
Latest Version / Release Date: / 27 Jun 2005

Windows device driver information for Audiotrak Maya 5.1 (commercial V2.6.1)

The new edition of Audiotrak MAYA is unique and has powerful high fidelity audio that interfaces with 5.1 surround sound ability. It is completely compatible with a desktop or notebook computer. Audiotrak MAYA is not only a good external soundcard with influential features for DVD and gaming surround playback, it is also a good solution for DJ software or listening to simple music. The ASIO driver allows users to use the hardware in specialized audio applications for music construction. The Audiotrak MAYA is obtainable at the local AUDIOTRAK dealer. This special Crystal Edition is equipped with2 input channels and 6 output channels along with microphone inputs, digital S/PDIF in and outputs, and headphone output. Users can enjoy DVD movies in their notebook computer with 5.1 theatrical surround sounds. They can even listen to MP3s and additional stereo music with up to over 5.1 channels of surround sound.

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Next to a special Q-Sound surround engine that gives compatibility to DirectSound 3D, A3D and EAX 1.0/2.0, the hardware also allows the pass through of DTS, AC3, and Dolby Digital data. There is also ASIO support presented that allows the use of Audiotrak MAYA together with specialized audio applications. The Crystal Edition of Audiotrak Maya is the ideal portable audio solution for DVD enthusiasts, audiophiles, musicians, and DJs. It features: full speed audio interface of USB (USB 1.1 compatible), 6 channel analog line outputs, -10dBV unbalanced level, 3.5 mm jack, 2 channel analog line inputs, -10dBV unbalanced level, 3.5 mm jack, headphone output, 60mW max. output, 3.5 mm mini phone jack, microphone preamplifier, 10K ohm, +40dB fixed gain, headset connector with 3.5 mm jack, resolution: coaxial output, 16-bit - digital I/O with coaxial input, mini optical output connector, natively supported sample rate of 48kHz, digital I/O format: 48kHz, 16-bit, S/PDIF (IEC-958), D/A converter: 88dB(a) dynamic range, frequency response: 18-bit resolution, 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, A/D converter: 91dB(a) dynamic range, frequency response: 18-bit resolution, 20 Hz ~ 20 kHz, compatible MME/WDM/ASIO driver engine, QSound driver engine supporting Direct Sound 3D, EAX1.0/2.0, QMSS, A3D, QExpander, QSizzle, QRumble, and QEQ. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Audiotrak Maya 5.1 (commercial V2.6.1) errors before installing any driver updates.