AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T)

Category: Other
Manufacturer: AVerMedia
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 4 MB
Operating System: Windows Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: / 03/14/2008

Windows device driver information for AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T)

The AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T) device is an integrated circuit receiver developed to receive digital TV signals efficiently for low power applications such as PDAs (personal digital assistants) or mobile phones. This tuner device is developed for the standard terrestrial digital video broadcast (DVB-T). It functions in UHF and VHFIII band (470 megahertz – 862 megahertz and 174 megahertz – 230 megahertz). It also has all the features required for a complete receiver chain coming from RF input to IQ outputs that are baseband such as channel filters, quadrature mixer, LNA, and a full RF PLL with a VCO that is tightly integrated. This PLL can function from various reference frequencies so it can fit virtually all mobile platforms. The power consumption of the AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T) device is also optimized with the added bonus of a dedicated on and off pin that allows faster switching to decrease power in applications that are time sliced.

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The typical perception of digital TV is of broadcasts coming off of signal towers that bounce off satellites and then beaming them to home receivers. This is how satellite transmission functions and it is consistently stable as long as the satellites’ views are not blocked. This is however not the only method for transmitting TV signals. Another widely used method is the DVB-T standard which the AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T) device supports. When broadcasters implement the DVB-T standard, the digital signals don’t leave earth. The signals sent utilizing the DVB-T standard do not travel through cable, instead, the signals pass from aerial antenna to aerial antenna, to the signal blaster and then finally to the home receiver. Broadcasters of DVB-T send data utilizing a digital audio/video stream that is compressed, with the whole process founded on the standard MPEG 2. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AVerMedia A309 (MiniCard, DVB-T) errors before installing any driver updates.