AVerMedia E502J CardBus NTSC-J

Category: Other
Manufacturer: AVerMedia Technologies
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 948.0 KB
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 08/17/2007

Windows device driver information for AVerMedia E502J CardBus NTSC-J

The AVerMedia E502J CardBus NTSC-J is essentially the 32-bit counterpart of a PCMCIA format expansion card that delivers the functionality of receiving television broadcast signals on the host computer system. The device driver for this particular hardware component supports the execution of bus mastering which functions at speeds as high as 33 MHz in a wider data bus. These types of hardware components are designed to accommodate high speed and high bandwidth data transmissions like those used by video streams. By using the corresponding device driver the computer user can successfully activate all associated functionalities with this hardware component. The AVerMedia E502J CardBus NTSC-J is mostly capable of receiving analog signals which can be stored into the local hard drive of the host computer system. When successfully stored the media file is converted from analog to its digital format. It can then be subjected to post processing effects depending on the needs of the computer user.

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As a computer component that is capable of receiving television and cable signals, the device driver must also comply with existing transmission standards. The device driver of this particular hardware component makes use of the National Television System Committee specifications. This broadcast standard allowed the implementation of colored broadcasting to compatible black and white receivers. This transmission signal standard is used mostly in the Americas and parts of Asia. The device driver communicates with the underlying operating system environment along with the device drivers of the other elements of the display subsystem. The device drivers communicate with each other in order to make sure that the received broadcast signals are properly rendered on the computer monitor. The device driver also functions in conjunction with the support files of the audio card to make sure that accompanying audio streams can also be reproduced on the host computer system. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and AVerMedia E502J CardBus NTSC-J errors before installing any driver updates.