BCM2046 B1 USB Bluetooth BT2.1 EDR Device

Category: Bluetooth
Manufacturer: Broadcom Corporation
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 0.99 MB
Operating System: Windows Xp and Windows 2000
Latest Version / Release Date: / 09 Jul 2003

Windows device driver information for BCM2046 B1 USB Bluetooth BT2.1 EDR Device

BCM2046 B1 USB Bluetooth BT2.1 EDR Device is manufactured by Broadcom Corporation, which is an American company that supplies integrated devices for purposes of enhancing Broadband communication. The Bluetooth device is capable of operating in circuits if approximately 100 meters and has high HID profile connections. More to this, the device has simple but secure networking technology that is presented in the compact design of the device. The BCM2046 B1 USB Bluetooth BT 2.1 EDR device supports simultaneous connections via the Bluetooth and the speeds are approximately 3 times faster than the 1.1 devices. Additional capabilities include the backward compatibility with other existing Bluetooth devices. This device is also compliant with V2.1 in addition to being backward compatible with versions BT2.0, BT 1.2 and BT 1.1. it is also easy to install and often times, all one needs to do is plug the device into the USB port and it plays automatically.

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The USB Bluetooth BT2.1 EDR Device has up to 3 times more speed for data transfer. This translates to 2.1 Mbps data per minute. The device supports basic imaging, file transfers, dial-up networking, Personal area Networking (PAN), Advanced-audio distribution, LAN access, Audio gateway and Headsets, keyboards and Mouse input. The manufacturer usually provides an quick installation guide on purchase. The setup is clearly indicated in the CD user guide. For users who cannot access the drivers from the installation CD for whatever reason, the same can be downloaded from the official Broadcom website. Overall, however, the device provides high-speed network connections from the wireless Bluetooth devices to desktops and laptops. The networking is also possible for other devices such as PDA's, printers and mobile phones that are Ethernet enabled. In addition to this, the device is has simple pairing capabilities and consumes low power. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and BCM2046 B1 USB Bluetooth BT2.1 EDR Device errors before installing any driver updates.