Category: Not classified
Manufacturer: Antex Electronics, Inc
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: N/A
Release Date: 14 Feb 2005

Windows device driver information for BX-12e

BX12e is a PCI-referenced, multi-channeled digital audio adapter which is fully sized for PC and other compatible computers, showcasing 2-in/10-out balanced analog, that is stereo digital AES/EBU inputted through D-sub connector, and distinct recording or production and with playback subsystems. Also known as an audio adapter or a sound board, this is a card for plug-in card which plays back and records sound. Supporting MIDI and digital audio, they give an input port suited for microphone or other qualified sound source as well as output ports to amplifiers and speakers. Sound circuits are usually constructed into the chipset located on motherboard, however, it can be blocked if another soundcard is put into place. Broadcaster BX-12 / BX12e It is a digital audio card which is PCI-based 2-in/10-out styled for broadcasting systems which are digital. It has 2 independently acting sub-systems for several-device operation (playback/record).

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With 20-bit which operates on an MPEG Layer I/II and ADPCM. With 4 independent output sample rates 2-in/8-out (model BX-12e). Its 20-bit Antex Model BX-12 is most advanced and multi-feature product produced by Antex. Styled to address the need for more potent and adjustable digital broadcast systems, it engineered and integrated the equivalence of 4 boards on single soundcard. Model BX-12 has two balanced analog inputs and 10 balanced analog outputs, which are regulated through Antex's digital mixer application, which is on-board. With distinct playback and record subsystems, each one with its individually dedicated sample clock timer, the Broadcaster gives simultaneous playback and recording functions. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and BX-12e errors before installing any driver updates.