Canon LBP 1260PS

Category: Printer
Manufacturer: Canon
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 141.07 Kb
Operating System: Windows 98/ Windows 98 SE/ Windows 2000/Professional/ Windows Me
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.01 / 01 Apr 2008

Windows device driver information for Canon LBP 1260PS

The Canon LBP 1260PS is a printer that creates print outs featured by an effective resolution of approximately 620 by 600 dots per inch in optical format. The resolution can optionally be raised to a higher value of 2400 by 600 dots per inch with aid of the AIR program (the same can be done to the Canon LBP3200 printer). The Canon LBP 1260PS printer functions at an extraordinarily high printing rate of 18 pages per minute. In addition, the printer does not require much time for warming when it is turned on. The Canon LBP 1260PS printer is integrated with one of the most recent technologies invented by Canon known as SCoA Compression Technology (SCT). The technology facilitates quick transfer of data and information from any personal computer to the printer. One more characteristic of the Canon LBP 1260PS printer is that it needs low maintenance with its multipurpose toner cartridge.

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The Canon LBP 1260PS printer is an idyllic machine for home use as well as for application in small and medium business. With warm up time of zero, the Canon LBP 1260PS printer is one or the top devices in the world. In addition to using the Canon SCoA Compression Technology (SCT), the Canon LBP 1260PS printer also utilizes the On-Demand fitting System, the compression architecture and Advanced Printing Technology by Canon (CAPT) to facilitate better compression of data and creation of smoother images with no need for undertaking a memory upgrade. The on demand-fitting feature of the Canon LBP 1260PS printer allows it to have low power consumption features in addition to having quick startups. The on demand-fitting technology is one of the latest features integrated in printers and allows the fusing heater to become warm before the device starts printing, thus conserving significant power since it is always ready to print immediately it is turned on. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Canon LBP 1260PS errors before installing any driver updates.