Caplio 400G Wide

Category: Digital Camera
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows XP/ 2000/ NT/ Me/ 98; Classic Mac OS

Windows device driver information for Caplio 400G Wide

Another RICOH innovation has hit the market with its 400G Wide. This 3.2 megapixel Caplio 400G Wide is classifieds under waterproof outdoor category in digital category. It offers almost limitless possibilities for any outdoor enthusiasts. Caplio 400G Wide can be use to take underwater images of the colors of marine ecosystem at a depth of 1m for about half an hour long. In terms of design and style, Caplio 400G Wide genuinely adheres to the classic patter of RICOH design and style. A new feature worth noting in Caplio 400G Wide is its wide angle 28-85mm lens. Caplio 400G Wide is specifically designed to be tough enough to withstand ruggedness in outdoor environment. It is fascinating to note that this camera can actually be use both in underwater and other high elevation harsh environment. Aside from being waterproof, Caplio 400G Wide is also dust resistant. Its portability and durability is further augmented with its easy to use functionality. Caplio 400G wide is definitely a cut above the rest of its kind as it is truly built to lasts.

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Caplio 400G Wide, RICOH, known for its innovation, further adds up more features to the delight of the digital camera outdoor enthusiasts. Caplio 400G Wide also features the speed of Rico Caplio G4 whose shutter response time is merely 0.14 seconds. This shutter time speed exceeds any typical 35mm camera. Caplio 400G wide also features a super quick start-up rime of 1.9 seconds. RICOH Caplio 400G Wide has a longer battery life. Users can choose between high-capacity lithium ion battery for continuous shots. Caplio 400G Wide also comes with readily available AA batteries such as alkaline, nickel, and NiMH. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Caplio 400G Wide errors before installing any driver updates.