Caplio R1V

Category: Digital Camera
Manufacturer: Ricoh
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 Server
Release Date: 04 Dec 2009

Windows device driver information for Caplio R1V

RICOH released the Caplio R1V in December 2004 to address the growing demand for digital camera in today's visual oriented society. Caplio R1V essentially has all the commendable functionalities that can be found in most digital cameras. Unlike its counterparts, however, Caplio R1V actually offers more “pro' features within its level. Living up to its reputation as a leader in camera innovation, RICOH offers additional edge to Caplio R1V particularly in setting new boundaries in relation to operating speed. The most notable of which is its 0.8 second startup time and 0.05 second shutter interval. Another interesting feature of Caplio R1V is its sleek aluminum finish surface. This non-marking surface provided a rather simple camera design. It's equally stylish rectangular shape and the flat metal polished buttons adds up to RICOH's legacy of simple and elegantly styled cameras. The overall external appeal seems to be very solid with metal tripods situated in the center of the bottom section which indicates a much more stable mounting camera position.

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The Caplio R1V lens is designed using a 4.6-22.2mm zoom lens that enables the capture of wide angle shots. Considering its size, zooming range is easily from one end to another in the period of 1.2 seconds while allowing a fine degree of control. Like any digital camera, its aperture range on the lens is from f/3.3 in the wide end and f/4.8 on the telephoto end. Caplio R1V utilizes a ¬Ω.5 inch primary color CCD with 5.02 megapixels. Caplio R1V uses a 1.8 inch silicon TFT LCD screen. Its LCD screen approximately has 110,000 pixels resolution. Caplio R1V also uses real-image optical zoom finder and also provide a 100% frame coverage. Another notable feature of this camera is found in its full creative control. Caplio R1V comes with a 6 scene modes which can easily be activated by clicking the up button on the controller. Users can therefore choose from among the 6 scene modes; portrait mode, landscape mode, sports mode, nightscape, text mode, and high sensitivity mode. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Caplio R1V errors before installing any driver updates.