Cardinal Health Baby CO

Category: Clinical Device
Manufacturer: Cardinal Technologies
Caution Level: Safe
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP

Windows device driver information for Cardinal Health Baby CO

Cardinal Health Baby CO is another clinical product from Cardinal Health Company under the category of gas measurement product lines. The product Cardinal Health Baby CO was developed to address the issue of smoking cessation more specifically for pregnant women. This gas measurement product, Cardinal Health Baby CO, aims to help break the link between smoking and pregnancy. Among the most notable features of Cardinal Health Baby CO are the following: With this clinical product, CO levels of the pregnant mother are displayed in PPM while the CO levels of the developing fetus are displayed in percent COHB. The product has light indicators for proper reading. Cardinal Health Baby CO also has audio features that serve as warning for fetal CO levels. Aside from its auto-zero function for rapid testing, this gas measurement product is favored by most clients as it is very much easy to use and maintain. Cardinal Health Superspiro, the maker of Cardinal Health Baby CO, actually offers variety of gas measurement products and applications. This include Smoke Check, Micro CO, and COBRA ph.

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Like Cardinal Health Baby CO, Smoke Check is also another Safe clinical product used to determine cigarette related complications. The Smoke Check mainly serve as a basic screening test determination for cigarette consumption. Results of this simple screening test are displayed in PPM showing an indication of CO levels coupled with a colour light indicator. In as far as determining cigarette consumption, this portable gas measurement gadget is considered to be the most effective CO monitor to date. An added bonus perhaps to the customer is the fact that this gadget is available and can be purchased along with a complete range of smoking cessation support materials. Another Gas measurement product, similar to Cardinal Health Baby CO and Smoke Check, is the Micro CO. This breath testing device is considered to be the gold standard in CO breath testing. Its features include result being displayed in PPM and %COHB. This device also has a breath-hold countdown timer and is definitely easy to use and maintain. Among its line of competitors, this device is acknowledged to contain the most advanced system available on the market. The device also comes with a serial output and optional COBRA Software. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Cardinal Health Baby CO errors before installing any driver updates.