CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem

Category: Network and Modem
Manufacturer: Sierra Wireless Inc.
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 74.6 KB
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 07 Aug 2003

Windows device driver information for CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem

The device driver of the CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem supports the Code Division Multiple Access technology which is basically a method of accessing communication channels. This is a commonly used strategy by carriers implementing radio communication technologies. The implementation of this standard should not be interchanged with the mobile phone specifications for wireless communications. The CDMA2000 standards which is also referred to as the IMT Multi-Carrier is part of the Third Generation (3G) family for mobile communications. This protocol allows the supported hardware component to make use of CDMA channels in order to data, voice, as well as signaling among cell sites and mobile phones. The CDMA2000 1X technology which is also referred to as 1x serves as the core of this technology in supporting wireless air interface standards. The 1x actually refers to 1 times Radio Transmission Technology that is of the same RF bandwidth used by the IS-95 specifications.

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Essentially modems in general are closely associated with conventional telephone systems. The CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem on the other hand is a communication device that allows the host computer system to connect to wireless networks. The hooking up of the wireless modem to the host computer system will allow the computer user to implement a wireless connection to the Internet Service Provider. The data transmission speed that can be supported by the device driver of this hardware component is comparable to that achieved by dialup modem variants. This means that these types of modem devices are far slower compared to those used for broadband Internet connections. Like modem devices the CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem and its corresponding device driver supports the implementation of the Hayes command set which is considered as the standard for managing the modem controls. Wireless modems in the computer industry normally fall under three classifications. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and CDMA2000 1X Wireless Modem errors before installing any driver updates.