Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: LiteOn Technology
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 26.3 KB
Operating System: Windows 95
Latest Version / Release Date: 1 / 17 Jun 2002

Windows device driver information for CM-1554

The CM-1554 is a Cathode Ray Tube based computer display monitor that is used to render to the computer user the processed information passed on to the graphics processing card by the various software applications. In general a computer display monitor is designed in such a way that the computer user can configure it from the onboard control panel built into the device itself. However, with the support of the correct device driver the computer user gains the option of configuring the supported hardware component using a software based user interface. The controls in this user interface correspond to almost all available controls on the computer display monitor. The main difference is that the controls provided by the device driver allows for more flexibility because the computer user can choose to implement the values either in a global or software specific nature.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

Normally computer display monitors are manufactured in such a way that they support different color profiles. Essentially each computer display monitor is built to support a specific color profile which will allow the computer user to accurately calibrate it to match the output of the other devices connected to the computer system. This holds true for the device driver of the CM-1554 which can be used to make sure that what is displayed on the computer screen will be the same as that generated by the printing device. This process of calibration is useful when implementing color correction procedures or when dealing with image editing software applications. Another distinct advantage presented by the manufacturer provided device driver is that it will allow the computer user to make use of the native resolution of the computer display monitor. This native resolution is dictated by the manufacturer and represents the optimum values that can be assigned to the different display properties to reach the highest possible display quality. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and CM-1554 errors before installing any driver updates.