Color USB Scanner

Category: USB Driver
Manufacturer: KYE Systems
Caution Level: None
Download File Size: 19.26MB
Operating System: Windows 2003 / Windows 95 / Windows XP / Windows NT / Windows 2000 / Windows 98
Release Date: Dec 31 2006

Windows device driver information for Color USB Scanner

In the computing market, a scanner is a tool which can scan an object, handwriting, images, and printed text; and encodes it into a digital image format. Widespread examples of this tool include different variants of the flatbed or desktop scanner (where the document to be scanned is placed on a window) and hand-held scanners (where the tool is manipulated by hand, evolving from text-scanning wands into 3D scanners). More sophisticated hand-held scanners are used for many purposes, such as gaming, industrial design, measurement and testing, orthotics, reverse engineering, and other applications. Larger-format documents are scanned with mechanically-manipulated scanners, where flatbeds would be inconvenient. Existing scanners ordinarily use a CCD (Charge-Coupled Device) or a CIS (Contact Image Sensor) for the image sensor, whereas older cylinder-type scanners' image sensors are via photomultiplier tubes. Rotary scanners typically utilized in the high-speed scanning of documents are another type of cylinder or drum scanner.

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Planetary scanners are another kind of scanner, dependent on the design of reprographic cameras. Technological progress has led to better resolution and novel features (such as anti-shake), and has led to the emergence of digital cameras as a viable alternative to conventional scanners. These digital cameras may still come with some disadvantages when compared to conventional scanners, namely image distortion, low contrast, reflections, and shadows. Their advantages, however, are ease-of-use, portability, speed, and the careful ‘digitizing' of cumbersome documents such as large books or volumes. Recent scanning technology has combined the aspects of 3D scanners and digital cameras to make photorealistic 3D representations of objects. In the industry of biomedical research, DNA microarray detection devices are termed as scanners as well. These types of scanners incorporate high-res systems, much like those of microscopes. A photomultiplier tube or CCD detects the scanned images. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Color USB Scanner errors before installing any driver updates.