COM Port E

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Windows device driver information for COM Port E

COM Port E is a serial port. COM was originally used to depict serial ports. It was originally used in relation to the serial port interface. This serial port interface is used on IBM PC compatible computers. These ports don't only refer to physical ports but to virtual ports as well. Virtual ports include ports that support USB and Bluetooth. Nowadays, most computer systems only have at least one or no serial ports at all. This is all thanks to the new developments in computer connections as brought about by the Universal Serial Bus or USB. This interface allows users to connect any device that supports USB connection. This also allows more convenient and faster transfer of data from a device to a computer and vice versa. Most computer systems today have more USB ports than serial ports.

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Another technology that replaced the serial port is the Bluetooth technology. This technology enables users to transmit and receive data to and from any Bluetooth-enabled device without the use of any cable connection. Wireless connection is a very popular trend in today’s electronic device consumers. With the availability of these technologies, these serial port connection become a rare method of connection. However, serial ports are still used today in many devices. Although USB and Bluetooth connections are currently the trend, the original serial connection still has many uses in a lot of industries. Virtual serial ports emulate the standard serial port. These ports allow extra serial port connection without the need to install new hardware. Unlike physical serial ports, these ports can be given any name. This technology allows the creation of unlimited serial port connections to a computer. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and COM Port E errors before installing any driver updates.