Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: Phoebe Micro
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 462.89Kb
Operating System: Windows 2003 / Windows 95 / Windows NT / Windows XP / Windows 200 / Windows 98
Release Date: 11 Aug 1997

Windows device driver information for Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax

This driver supports the following models: the Compaq SpeedPaq 144-I, Compaq SpeedPaq 144-P,Compaq SpeedPaq 144 (Enhanced Com Slot), Compaq 144 Data+Fax (Enhanced Com Slot),Compaq PCMCIA 2400-9600, Compaq PCMCIA 144, Compaq International 2400 Data, Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax+Voice, Compaq Presario 24-96 Data+Fax+Voice, Compaq Presario International 24-96 Data+Fax+Voice, Compaq SpeedPaq 192 Modem (PCMCIA), Compaq 288 Fax Modem (PCMCIA), Compaq Enhanced 9600 Data+Fax (Enhanced Com Slot), Compaq Enhanced 9600 Data (Enhanced Com Slot), Compaq 2400 Data+Fax (Enhanced Com Slot), Compaq SpeedPaq 192S Modem (PCMCIA), Compaq SpeedPaq 19.2 Kbps PCMCIA Modem, Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax and Creative Labs Phone Blaster 28.8 DSVD PnP Voice.

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Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax is also compatible with Creative Labs Modem Blaster 28.8 DSVD PnP Voice, Creative Labs Modem Blaster 28.8, Creative Labs Phone Blaster Voice, Creative Labs Modem Blaster 14.4, Creative Labs Modem Blaster 14.4 PCMCIA, Epson Data Fax 24-96 PCMCIA, Sierra Wireless PocketPlus 210 Wireline, Acer 2400 Bps Data, 96-48 Fax, FM9648HR, Acer 2400 Bps Data, M24H-R1, Acer 2400 Bps Data Fax Voice, VF9924H-C1, Acer 28.8, V.34 Data Fax, F1128HV-R6, Acer 14.4 Data Fax, F1114HV-R2, Acer 14.4 Data Fax Voice, VF1114HV-C1, Intel 82092AA PCI IDE Controller, Intel PIIX PCI IDE Controller [Bus Mastering not supported], Creative Labs IDE controller, Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller, Standard IDE/ESDI Hard Disk Controller (no serialization), IBM MCA Integrated Fixed Disk and Controller, Thinkpad Voice Modem Serial Wave Device, and the Compaq Presario Modem Wave Device. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Compaq Presario 144 Data+Fax errors before installing any driver updates.