Creative Modem Blaster V.92 External CE5681

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: Creative
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 200 Kb
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 1 / 23 Dec 2003

Windows device driver information for Creative Modem Blaster V.92 External CE5681

The device driver for the Creative Modem Blaster V.92 External CE5681 supports all Windows operating systems. The Creative Modem Blaster V.92 External CE5681 is an external modem. It is equipped with V44 Compression. This greatly increases the speed and efficiency of downloading Web pages, running searches and email. The PCM Upstream sends emails 40% faster than most modems. It also lets sending files via Instant Messeger and uploading images on the Web faster. The dial-up time is significantly decreased because of the Quick Connect function. It makes use of the Outgoing-Modem-On-Hold so that the user can take calls even if they are connected to the Internet. This works by pausing the Internet connection while the phone is in use.

Outdated Drivers?

Unless you update your drivers regularly you may face hardware performance issues.

To check your drivers you should manually verify every device on your system for driver updates

It is used iwth the Incoming Modem-On-Hold which works like a call waiting service. It lets the user choose if s/he wants to pause the Internet connection or ignore an incoming call. It is alsoequipped with Backward Compatibility. This allows the modem to support 2 standards: V.92 and V.90 50K. This makes the Modem Blaster V.92 very flexible to future ISP. Because of the Internet support included in the package, the user can also download the latest drivers from the page. Voice modem support is also a function of the modem (Voice Functionality). It set ups the voice mail to recieve incoming call messages. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Creative Modem Blaster V.92 External CE5681 errors before installing any driver updates.