Creative SB AudioPCI 64V

Category: Input Device
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 2.57MB
Operating System: Windows 95, 98
Latest Version / Release Date: / 01 Jan 2000

Windows device driver information for Creative SB AudioPCI 64V

Creative SB AudioPCI 64V improves the quality of sound produced by the PC. The device brings in cinematic surround sound to audio applications on the computer and it also brings in such audio effects as 3D as well as EAX when playing games. What us more, it allows for the restoration of details and vibrancy that music and movies may lose as the files are compressed. Besides, the device improves the high and low pitch such that the sound comes out with clear and crisp. What is more, the device also enables users to expand the music on the stereo to the surround sound. It enables sound to be centered in front of the user while ambient sound emerges all around, making it sound like a live performance. Further still, the device allows one to listen to audio files on either desktop speakers or a full 5.1 speaker system.

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Creative SB AudioPCI 64V allows one to use headphones with the sound coming out as it does on multichannel speakers. This is because the technology used on the device enables the movement of sound away from the ears as it is driven to the space around the use. The device also brings out better quality sound during games as it provides positional audio that promotes accuracy. Further still, the device brings out real game effects such that explosions shake the room and the bullets hurtle past the user's head. Additionally, Creative SB AudioPCI 64V also offers a cinematic surround sound when watching movies. This is because the device has been fitted with such features as DTS as well as Dolby Digital Ex-decoding which bring out that cinematic surround sound. The device has also been fitted with playback and recording features that make it even more reliable. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Creative SB AudioPCI 64V errors before installing any driver updates.