Creative SBLive! series (WDM)

Category: Media
Manufacturer: Creatix Polymedia
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 2.5 Mb
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 98 SE
Latest Version / Release Date: 3219 / 09 Jul 2001

Windows device driver information for Creative SBLive! series (WDM)

The device Driver for the Creative Sound Blaster Live series supports many Operating Systems. It supports Microsoft Windows 2000 Workstation, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server, Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition and Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. It is also applicable to various Creative models. It can be used as a device driver for the following models: Creative Sound Blaster Live (WDM), Creative Sound Blaster Live Value (WDM), Creative SSound Blaster Live series, Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 and Game Port for Creative SB Live. The downloaded file contains one folder named SBLive 3219WDM. It contains the following files: 2gmgsmt.sf2, a3d.dll, ct10k1cm.inf, ct10k1f.inf, ct10k1f5.inf, ct10k1fo.inf, ct10k1fs.inf, ct10k1fv.inf, ctjoystk.sys, ctlface.sys, ctljystk.inf, ctuw10k1.inf, ct10k1.inf, ctwdm16.drv, ctwdm32.dll, devcon32.dll, devldr16.exe, devldr32.exe, emu10k1f.sys, sblfx.dll, sfman.sys, sfman32.dll, upddrv2k.inf, upddrv98.inf, wqt10k1.inf, woem10k1.inf, upddrv2k.exe,,,, ct10k1cm),, ct10k1f),,,,,, ct10k1fs),, ct10k1fv_nt>cat,,, ctw10k!,, and

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The Creative Sound Blaster series is manufactured by Creative Technologies. It is a sound card, PCI add-on board. It is used in PCs. The series introduced various new technologies like the EMU10K1 processor. The EMU10K1 is an audio DSP, 2.44 million transister with a rating of 1000 MIPS. The hardware acceleration featured in the processor is for the Direct Sound technology and the Environmental Audio Extensions, which features 64 high quality voice MIDI sample siynthesizers and an integrated FX8010 DSP chip. It is used for digital audio effects in real time. It uses the system memory through the PCI bus. It eliminates the need for expensive on board memory. Thus, it needs a high RAM memory. It also has a 32 bit processor which is programmable. It has 1Kb instruction memory. The company is in cooperation with Microsoft Developer Studio. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Creative SBLive! series (WDM) errors before installing any driver updates.