Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

Category: Sound and Multimedia
Manufacturer: Creative Labs
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 2.1 MB
Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.01.02 / 11/30/04

Windows device driver information for Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX

The audio hardware component is used to boost 16-bit audio quality to 24-bit sound resolutions with inherent support for 7.1 channel speaker configurations. The device driver for the Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX implementation of powerful audio reproduction via connection to the Universal Serial Bus interface port of the host computer system. The device driver also supports all connection ports present on the external audio box making them available to any software application which requests access to them. The Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX device driver also implements S/PDIF connections allowing for the addition of more audio and video equipments to create a portable home theater equipment. This audio hardware component supports not only the Dolby Digital 5.1 specifications but also the newer Dolby Digital EX 6.1 which results in a noticeable boost in audio quality when playing back DVD format media.

Outdated Drivers?

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The Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX device driver makes it possible to implement hardware acceleration techniques. These method allows for a boost in audio quality when dealing with computer games. The underlying technology supports the implementation of DirectSound 3D technology which is a type of audio processing method implemented by the operating system. The device driver allows this audio hardware component to be connected to any desktop or mobile computing device. This audio hardware component comes with a built-in function to handle the mixing of multichannel audio including imitation of 7.1 speaker configurations using CMSS 3D technology. What this translates to for computer users with fewer speakers is an improved overall quality of sound reproduction. Even if the host computer system is only using a pair of headphones the device driver makes it possible to mimic multispeaker surround systems. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Creative USB Sound Blaster Audigy 2 NX errors before installing any driver updates.