CSR Nanosira5-ROM

Category: Bluetooth
Manufacturer: CSR
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: Not stated
Latest Version / Release Date: Not stated / Not stated

Windows device driver information for CSR Nanosira5-ROM

CSR Nanosira 5ROM is a chipset designed with an implanted Bluetooth solution in order to allow computer networking with little external networking components. The ROM chip has a stereo codec feature, which handles noise suppression, echo suppression and Bluetooth capabilities in the single package. The Bluetooth enabled device includes has embedded hands-free capabilities, phonebook reading and audio streaming. The device is low on power consumption, but this does not compromise the powerful DSP and RISC processor. The ROM in this device allows OEM to integrate fast and easily with Bluetooth connectivity, hence enabling fast functionalities within the host machine. The manufacturer of the device (CSR), provides a portable software for the host machine on product purchase, which serves both ROM and Flash solutions. The software can be integrated and scaled to requirements, as the user prefers in different host devices.

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CSR Nanosira 5-ROM is among the few solutions that integrate audio processing and Bluetooth capabilities. Bluetooth has essential features for transportable navigation, which operates on a single chip that has a RISC processor. The processor allows operations with the host processor, but can also function individually as a “hostless” solution. To boost the device's performance, the manufacturers ensured that the device has an exceptionally healthy co-existence with other radio based ROMs such as cellular or Wi-Fi. The Nanosira 5-ROM implements eSCO and 2.0+ EDR, which supports Bluetooth and adds onchip functions to the upgraded multi-media version of the device. Earlier versions of this device did not have the multimedia version, while as versions after it have CODEC options, which enhance voice quality. Usually the drivers for this device are provided by the manufacturer on purchase of the device. However, users can download recent versions of the same from the manufacturer website. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and CSR Nanosira5-ROM errors before installing any driver updates.