CTX S720G,S730G

Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: Chuntex Electronic CO.Ltd
Caution Level: safe
Download File Size: 156k
Operating System: win xp win2003, win2000, win NT, win 95/98
Latest Version / Release Date: version 1.0.0 / 27 Oct 2003

Windows device driver information for CTX S720G,S730G

This software package can also support models CTX S700,S700B,S730, CTX S700,S700A, CTX S700B,S700BA, CTX S720,S720A, CTX S730,S730A, CTX S760,S761,S762, CTX S760A,S761A,S762A, CTX S762G(DVI), CTX S762G, CTX S720G(DVI),S730G(DVI) and CTX S720G,S730G. It has a file size of 156kb downloadable for free. Its manufacturer is Chuntex Electronic Co. Ltd, one of the leading suppliers of electronic in the market worldwide. This company is the first supplier of colored monitors and specializes in its manufacturing since 1981. The company received the Award for Excellency on models S530, PV722E and PV700. The company is the first to implement new monitor technologies to establish their commitment to coming new era. The company holds regional branches that provide comprehensive support network for high user demand in computer monitors.

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The CTX S720G and S730G models have an image quality of 500:1 contrast ratio and 0.26 pixel pitches with a display feature of 17” monitor 1280x1024/75Hz resolution. This is good for home and office use because it is calibrated with compact and slim design, and can be placed anywhere. Its display technology is active matrix TFT and comes with silver or black color monitor body. It has a viewing angle of 140° / 160° (x/y axis), 30 kHz - 80 kHz Horizontal Frequency and 59Hz - 75Hz Vertical Frequency. These monitors can support 16.7 million colors for vivid and clear image. It also has VGA / DVI input option compatible for 640 x 350 @ 70Hz, 640 x 480 @ 60Hz or 72Hz and 1W x 2 audio speakers. Its maximum power consumption only runs on 35W accepted by Safety Regulations TCO'99. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and CTX S720G,S730G errors before installing any driver updates.