D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card

Category: network and Modem
Manufacturer: D-Link Systems
Caution Level: N/A
Download File Size: 149.41K
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/XP/2003/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: N/A / N/A

Windows device driver information for D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card

D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card is a networking technology mainly employed to connect computers to other networks. It is supported by related models such as Samsung ML-1650 Series PS, Instant Wireless - Network PC CARD and Instant Wireless - Network PCI CARD as well as Polaroid DMP Printer and IEEE 802.11b USB WLAN Adapter. Other models supported include AOpen PA700, Catch TV+, Brother HL-760 series, D-Link DMF-560TXD DirectPort PC Card (Modem) and D-Link DMF-560TXD DirectPort PC Card. These network adapters are extensively utilized among personal users because of the popularity of broadband internet access and home-based networking. Even if there is no Ethernet port on your computer, having a D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card is a comparatively easy process. To enjoy the full functionality of the D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card, you can make use of its latest version.

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D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card is useful for Norton Ghost Boot. It also works great with the SMC EZ connect USB fast Ethernet adapter 2202USB/ETH. The D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card covers different models which include the NDC ND5100 PCMCIA Ethernet Adapter, NDC ND5100 Ethernet PC Card and the CATC USB/Ethernet Link. The CATC USB/Ethernet Link II, EZ Connect USB/Ethernet Series Converter, EZ Connect USB to Dual Speed Ethernet and SMC 8035TX CardBus Fast Ethernet PC Card are other models which it also covers. With these, connecting to computers have become easier with the D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card. However, it is vital to know that there may be a little troubleshooting in order for it to be networked with other computers and devices. Therefore, it is important to know the exact operating system necessary for the system to recognize it. This way, users can understand how to use it. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and D-Link DE-660 Ethernet PC Card errors before installing any driver updates.