DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller

Category: Others
Manufacturer: Dell Computer Corp
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: Not specified
Operating System: Windows 2003/2000/98/XP/NT
Latest Version / Release Date: / 03 Dec 2010

Windows device driver information for DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller

The DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller operates using an SCSI controller. It is the best way to go when looking for a controller. It is considered to be a high performer. This device operates as a host adapter that connects to computers via an interface. This controller has a sub system that operates using a disk. This disk ensures that there is no fault with the system as it operates and this is desirable as it saves the end user the hustles of rectifying faults every now and again. The DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller is engineered to use an Ultra 320 SCSI for its interface. This storage controller can be expanded and this attribute makes it easy for it to handle a lot of information. It is also designed to have a flash read only memory which it uses to store information.

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DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller is fitted with an EEPROM that uses a serial connection for its operations. For its LVD signals, this controller comes with an LVD interface while it uses a 16 bit SE when operating via the SE signals. It is well engineered as it has a RAID array which is advanced to carry out the necessary operations. It also comes with the necessary management utilities. Unlike other controllers, this one is fitted with a random access memory that has a capacity of up to 64 mega bytes. Its RAM operates in synchrony fir its PERS 4/SC. In addition to this, this device has a 128 mega byte memory for its PERC 4/DC. Apart from that, it has 128 megabyte SDRAM which operates at a double data rate. It is fitted with a processor that is on board which in turn aids in relieving the host CPU and give better performance for its controller. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and DELL PERC 4/DC RAID Controller errors before installing any driver updates.