Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth Device

Category: Bluetooth
Manufacturer: Dell
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 3.2Mb
Operating System: Windows
Latest Version / Release Date: 02 Jan 2000 / 09 Oct 2008

Windows device driver information for Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth Device

The Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth mini-card gives us the opportunity to enjoy cable-free computing between keyboards, mobile phones, mice, printers, headsets, and any other devises which are Bluetooth enabled. This new Bluetooth 2.1 standard mini-card from Dell is famous for the enhanced technology features which are compatible with a wide range of systems and its high-speed performance. Just like any wireless devises, Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth mini cards easy access to technology networks makes it very famous. It can reach to as much as 30 ft. maximum range open space, utilizing a network adaptor type. This mini card comes in an enhanced data rate or EDR technology which is highly favorable for its wide bandwidth and with remarkable reduced power consumption. Despite its advanced enhanced data rate, this wireless Bluetooth mini card can still work with any older version of the Bluetooth devises.

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The Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth mini card has an FHSS spread spectrum method. It works really fast that it can allow data transfer to rates up as 3 Mbps with ease. It also has advantageous security system with a built in 128-bit security encryption as well as authentication systems. These two systems allow any user to access other Bluetooth devises without any system corruption threat. It also comes in combo packages with Ultra Wide Band. This combo has adaptor specifications such as plug in modules with network adaptor devise type. A Bluetooth 2.1 EDR Data link protocol will work for the networking of Dell Wireless 420 Bluetooth and Ultra Wide Band combo. It is complaint to the ROHS standards. The software or computer system required for the execution of the Dell Wireless Bluetooth 410 is either XP or Microsoft Windows Vista. It also prides of its IPv6 support feature which runs safely with a 128 bit encryption. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Dell Wireless 410 Bluetooth Device errors before installing any driver updates.