Diamond PLHD 256MB X1600

Category: Video and Graphic Cards
Manufacturer: Diamond Multimedia
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 5.2Mb
Operating System: Windows
Latest Version / Release Date: 5.12.1 / 25 Jun 2002

Windows device driver information for Diamond PLHD 256MB X1600

The Diamond PLHD 256MB X100 device driver was published by Diamond. It has been tested spyware free. It is a video driver. It is compatible with the following devices: Mitsubishi Diamond Digital DV174BP, Diamond Digital DV195, Mitsubishi Diamond PED 256MB X1300, Mitsubishi Diamond PLHD 256MB X1600, Mitsubishi Diamond Stealth III S520, Mitsubishi Diamond V9600XT128 Radeon 9600XT, Mitsubishi Diamond View 1554R, Mitsubishi Diamond View Monitor DV173B, Mitsubishi Diamond View DV172, Mitsubishi Diamond View 1795DT, Mitsubishi Diamond View CRT monitor, model 1772e, Mitsubishi Diamond View 1770G, Mitsubishi Diamond View 1998FD, Mitsubishi Diamond View DV152, Mitsubishi Diamond Digital DV174BP, Mitsubishi Diamond Digital DV197B, and the Mitsubishi Diamond Digital DV1772FDB.

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The Diamond PLHD 256MB X1600 is a processor which renders 3D graphics from a microprocessor. It uses the ultra-threaded core architecture, along with ATI's Avivo video and display technology. The ATI Avivo video display technology combines fast video decoders with high definition videos. It uses the ATI Radeon HD 2000 graphics processor, which reduces the use of power in the CPU. It does this by offloading and decoding videos by itself. It also gives for universal connectivity. This is because it uses the 7.1 digital surround audio. The user will only need one cable to connect to any screen. It utilizes the AMD Xilleon technology, as well as the ATI Theater technology. This lets any PC act as a universal multimedia hub. Another feature of the device is the Accelerated Video Transcoding or AVT technology. This lets the user transcode and encode in real time, if not faster. Converting videos from MPEG 2 to H264 is done up to nineteen times faster than usual. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Diamond PLHD 256MB X1600 errors before installing any driver updates.