Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT

Category: Monitor and Video Card
Manufacturer: Diamond Multimedia (now under ATI Technologies, Inc.)
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 9.24 MB
Operating System: Windows 98 SE, Windows ME
Latest Version / Release Date: VER DMM65 8-203 / 03/20/2008

Windows device driver information for Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT

This hardware component is designed to provide near cinematic effects for both 2D and 3D graphical environments on the host computer system. The Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT plugs directly into an available Accelerated Graphics Port on the computer motherboard to deliver graphics processing solutions to the host machine. The installation of the appropriate device driver supports the full 8X speed capability of the interface port. The device driver also supports existing graphics related protocols of the underlying operating system environment. For computer system running under the Microsoft Windows platform these supported technologies include DirectPlay which is part of the DirectX implementation. By supporting this technology the computer user benefits from an improved multiplayer experience for groups that connect or interact using the Internet or a Local Area Network environment. The deployment of the corresponding device driver is likewise designed to implement the proprietary CATALYST technology which is one of the most stable industry standard for software based 3D acceleration.

Outdated Drivers?

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One of the main goals of deploying a graphics processing card is to relieve the main processor of the additional burden of computing complicated graphics data. By redirecting these complicated computations to the installed video adapter card the main processor can provide more processing time to other system critical routines. In the case of the Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT and its associated device driver, it allows for the optimized execution of even the most demanding productivity and gaming software applications. It effectively removes the extra strain on the main processor for both 2D and 3D computing environments. The installation of the correct device driver allows the host computer system to take advantage of the quad pipe architecture which is responsible for the delivery of real time cinematic animation and rendering. The presence of this graphics processing card takes the performance of the host computer system to a new level especially with the inclusion of a 256 MB dedicated video memory. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Diamond V9600XT256 Radeon 9600-XT errors before installing any driver updates.