DiBcom DIB7070 based TV tuner device

Category: Other
Manufacturer: DIBCOM
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 6.4 MB
Operating System: Windows Vista
Latest Version / Release Date: / 03/29/2007

Windows device driver information for DiBcom DIB7070 based TV tuner device

The DiBcom DIB7070 based TV tuner device makes use of a DVB-T front end to implement its receiver feature that allows the computer user to convert any conventional Personal Computer system into a functional entertainment system. This product and its corresponding device driver is the result of an integration of technologies that allows the host expansion card to receive television broadcasts and render the images directly onto the computer display monitor. The process of integration was initially based on the need to lower the cost of production and deployment including the simplification of the DVB-T and the DVB-H digital reception modules found on both mobile and portable systems. The DIB7070 family which serves as the core chipset for this hardware component is basically a family of regrouped components that are capable of implementing either of the two DVB standards or both. The device driver is partly responsible for identifying which standard should be supported including what particular specifications must be put in place.

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The Systems-in-Package or SiP is the basic component used by these devices in order to integrate the Tuner and the Demodulator functions into a single chipset. This means that this technology is also the base function that is activated by the installation of the device driver. By using this approach some advantages are gained by the computer user and the host machine as a whole in terms of hosting digital television applications. This premise holds true for both mobile and fixed implementations in the context of cost reduction, performance, and size. As a whole, the DIB7070 component is not limited to the Personal Computer market but rather is also found in portable multimedia Television receivers as well as in-car DVB-T boxes. The implementation of this technology coupled with the support of the appropriate device driver has been accepted as a viable solution especially for dual antenna tuner hardware components. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and DiBcom DIB7070 based TV tuner device errors before installing any driver updates.