Digitan 28.8, V.34 Data-Fax-Voice Modem

Category: Network & Modems
Manufacturer: Digitan
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 462.89Kb
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 3.36 / 08 Dec 1997

Windows device driver information for Digitan 28.8, V.34 Data-Fax-Voice Modem

The device driver fot Digitan 28.8 V34 Data-Fax-Voice modem is available for download at ZdnetAsia.com. The file name of the device is 336cljp.exe. It is an update driver from Pheobe Micro, Inc. It supports various models, such as AST PNB 24D-96F Data Fax PCMCIADigitan 28.8 DSVD Data Fax Voice, Digicom Softmodem 14400 + Fax, Digicom 14.4 Data FAX Modem, Digicom Eagle 14.4 V.32 Data FAX, 14.4 Data FAX Modem, Digicom Scout Plus or Scout Plus Terbo, Digicom Scout Plus or Terbo, Digicom 9624LR+ External, Digicom 9624AR+ External, Digicom 9624LE+ External, Digicom 9624E+ External, Digicom 9624PC+ Internal, Digicom Scout 14400 PCMCIA Fax Modem, Digicom Scout Plus Internal, Digicom Scout Plus External, and Digicom Scout Internal.

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The Digitan Data-Fax-Voice modem is a multifunction device. It works by decoding transmissions which come from a source. It is a multifunction device, as it can function as a fax machine and modem. The enclosure type is a plug and card. The interface type is PCI. It uses a wired technology with a maximum transfer rate of 56 kbps. The digital signaling protocol is H324. It is able to use both V90 and V92 56 technology. It has one modem phone line (RJ11 x 2) and one PCI compatible slot. It is fully compliant with the ACPI and CE standards. The package comes with a 3 year warranty. The device was manufactured by Digitan. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and Digitan 28.8, V.34 Data-Fax-Voice Modem errors before installing any driver updates.