Category: USB
Manufacturer: Twinhan
Caution Level: Safe
Download File Size: 2870.9 KiB
Operating System: Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows XP-x64, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0
Latest Version / Release Date: / 07 Dec 2006

Windows device driver information for DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver

The DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver is used with the DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL TV tuner device. It features a dual TV tuner that is built-in and has support for ASTC TV as well as the NTSC TV analog system. It also has a high sensitivity ATSC/ Analog receiver that is built-in for exceptional TV reception. This device is also capable of delivering an outstanding visual experience and portability in a sleek, black compact shell. Users just need to plug in the device’s USB 2 connector to their computer system’s USB 2 port and connect an analog television signal cable or digital television antenna. Users should then install the application as well as the signal cable that comes with the device’s package and they’ll be ready to record and watch analog television of superior quality digital television on their computer screens. The DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL TV tuner device also allows users to perform scheduling of TV recordings to be stored on the hard disk for later viewing.

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A TV tuner like the DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL device is a kind of radio receiver. It makes use of the same technology as that of the conventional television sets. The primary premise underlying TV tuner devices is that broadcasters or content providers send TV signals in particular radio-frequency bands for specific channels. Much like an FM/ AM radio, these devices are capable of listening to a particular frequency to obtain radio waves sent to antennas for a certain channel. It will then extract the audio and video signals from the same radio waves. In able to convert the signals to a TV program, the TV tuner transmits them to an A/V (audio/ video) processor capable of decoding and reformatting the information. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and DTV-DVB UDAT7240 - USB 2.0 ATSC/NTSC/PAL Driver errors before installing any driver updates.