DVB-T Duo CardBus

Category: CardBus
Manufacturer: LifeView
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 5.3Mb
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: / 17 Feb 2007

Windows device driver information for DVB-T Duo CardBus

The DVB-T Duo Cardbus driver can be downloaded on the website Drivers.Softpedia.com. It runs on most Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, including Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP, and Microsoft Windows 2000. It is 5.3 MB in size. It was last updated on February 17, 2007. It is also compatible with the following models: FlyVideo DVBS, FlyTV Prime 30, FlyTV Prime 33/35, FlyTV Prime 34, FlyTV Platinum35 mini2, FlyTV Platinum30, FlyDVB-T, FlyDVB-T Hybrid, FlyTV Platinum Gold2, FlyDVB-S Duo, FlyDVB Trio N CardBus, FlyDVB-S Duo CardBus, FlyDVB Trio CardBus, FlyDVB-T Hybrid CardBus, FlyDVB-T CardBus, FlyTV CardBus, FlyDVB-T Duo CardBus, FlyDVB Trio N, FlyDVB-S Duo, FlyDVB Trio, FlyTV Platinum mini3, FlyTV Platinum Gold2, FlyDVB-T Hybrid mini, FlyDVB-T Duo, FlyDVB-T Hybrid, and FlyDVB-T Duo mini.

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The Typhoon DVB-T Duo Cardbus functions as a TV card and an analog silicon tuner. It has a 32bit cardbus interface. It is equipped with Digital Terrestrial TV and radio broadcast reception and Analog TV reception for Worldwide TV and stereo sound. The device has inputs for both S-Video and Composite video. The Typhoon DVB-T Duo Cardbus lets the user watch both Digital TV and analog TV or videos at the same time. This is made possible through the MST function. The user can also record digital videos and save them in MPEG 2 format. Analog TV and videos will be saved to either MPEG1, 2 or 4. It supports scheduled recording, time shifting and still image. The interface of the device is equipped with 32bit processing strength and bandwidth. The device enables the computer to receive TV signals. It also functions as a video capture card, which enables the user to record the TV transmissions into the hard disk of the computer. The demodulator extracts the original signal which contains information. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and DVB-T Duo CardBus errors before installing any driver updates.