Category: Monitor & Video Cards
Manufacturer: ECOMO
Caution Level: Intermediate
Download File Size: 24Mb
Operating System: Windows XP
Latest Version / Release Date: 1.1 / 03 Mar 1998

Windows device driver information for ECOMO 24H96

The Elsa Ecomo 24H96 is a colored monitor. The driver for the device is compatible with the following models as well: ELSA ECOMO 460LCD (17.4 inch analog TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 460LCD (17.4 inch digital TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 520 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 521 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 530 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 531 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 532 (19 inch), ELSA ECOMO 640 (18 inch analog TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 660 (18 inch analog TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 660 (18 inch digital TFT-Display), ELSA ECOMO 730 (21 inch), ELSA ECOMO 850 (24 inch), ELSA ECOMO 751 (21 inch), ELSA ECOMO 750 (22 inch), ELSA ECOMO 741 (22 inch), Elsa Ecomo Office, ECOMO 24H96, ELSA ECOMO 320 (17 inch), ELSA ECOMO 321 (17 inch), ELSA ECOMO 330 (17 inch), and ELSA ECOMO 340 (15 inch analog TFT-Display).

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The ECOMO 24H96 has a vertical frequency of 30 to 96khz and a horizontal frequency of 50 to 160 hertz. The tube size of the device is 21. It is a monitor. The size of the screen is 24 inches. The maximum resolution for the device is 1920 x 1200 pixels. The dot pitch is 0.25 mm. The form factor of the device is a desktop. The height is 50.5cm, the width, 58cm and the depth 54.1 cm. It weighs a total of 44.95 kilograms. A 3 year warranty is included in the package. It is only available in white. It uses a PC platform. The product ID is 20843255. It features true to size A4 pages (DIN), a DIN page (3) and various other additional tool bars and many program windows. The particular monitor (Elsa ECOMO 24H96) has the ability to display all sizes simultaneously. It is a cathode ray tube monitor, which uses electron guns to display images. It is highly recommended you run a free registry scan for and ECOMO 24H96 errors before installing any driver updates.